Digicel Group- Kingston Jamaica

Ergo Furniture Systems was shortlisted to tender to supply and install  1200 workstations and complementary furniture for the Digicel Group’s new Head Office in Kingston Jamaica.

After tender, Ergo was selected as one of five to mock-up sample workstations in Kingston, shortly after the mock-ups were reviewed, we were awarded the contract. We worked closely with the client, their architects and quantity surveyors, going through various different layout options until a final layout was agreed.

The furniture was delivered from factory floor direct to site in Kingston, Jamaica and we oversaw all stages of the project, from ordering the furniture, production, logistics and installation.

Deliveries were programmed starting with the open plan furniture for the second to tenth floors so that the electrical and data contractor could carry out their installation before we fitted the worktops to the frames. We followed on with deliveries of the storage, manager’s workstations and seating.